PHP - OpenCart 2.0 Low Stock Notification

There are numerous OpenCart extensions that allow you to get notified when product stock levels are running low. Most of these extensions work by sending an email/sms at the time an order has been placed. Personally I prefer not to add this extra processing burden on the checkout process. My solution is to setup a cron job that sends out and email every 24 hours with details of all the products that have a low stock level. I find this solution to be cleaner as it doesn't affect any extensions or custom code that might already be implemented.

Implementing this solution is very simple and requires only 3 steps. First, a new controller class must be created to query the products table and send out the email. Second, write a new method to retrieve all products that have a quantity less then X and finally setting up the cron job.

Step 1 - Create a new controller

Copy and paste the code into a new file and save it as stocklevel.php in catalog/tool. Be sure to enter your email address in the mail function on line 16.

  2. <?php  
  3. class ControllerToolStocklevel extends Controller {  
  5.     public function index(){  
  6.         $this->load->model('catalog/product');  
  8.         $productStockLevels = $this->model_catalog_product->getProductsWithLowQty();  
  10.         $message = "Products with low stock quantity\n\n";  
  12.         foreach($productStockLevels as $product){  
  13.             $message .= "Product Id: ".$product['product_id'].", Model: ".$product['model'].", Qty: ".$product['quantity']."\n";  
  14.         }  
  16.         if(mail("your email address here""Low Stock Level", $message)){  
  17.             echo "Mail sent";  
  18.         }else{  
  19.             echo "Mail not sent";  
  20.         }  
  22.         echo str_replace("\n""<br/>", $message);  
  23.     }  
  24. }  
  25. ?>  

Step 2 - Create a new model method to query products

Open the file model/catalog/product.php and copy/paste the following code at the end of the file just before the last closing curly brace.

  2. public function getProductsWithLowQty(){  
  3.     $quantity = 20;  
  4.     $query = $this->db->query("SELECT product_id, model, quantity FROM " . DB_PREFIX . "product WHERE quantity < ".$quantity)->rows;  
  5.     return $query;  
  6. }  

The method above will return all products that have a quantity of less than 20. Adjust the $quantity variable to suit your needs.

Step 3 - Testing and setting up cron job

Before you setup a cron job you can test the controller by navigating to index.php?route=tool/stocklevel. Finally, you'll need to setup a con job to execute the controller. Consult your hosting plan on how to setup a cron job if your not sure how to do this.

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